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    Hi Casey,

    Apologies if this has been talked about somewhere else in the forum, but I was wondering if there were any plans on providing more Bluegrass content? I noticed there isn’t a dedicated section under the “Styles” heading, but a few tunes that are played within bluegrass circles.
    Being from the UK I tend to lean towards the more Irish/British tunes, but I’m starting to really enjoy and appreciate the Bluegrass genre. It’s something I don’t know much about, but I’m having great fun listening and learning.

    All the Best,


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    Casey Willis

    Hi, Oliver. You’ve hit upon one of the areas I plan to expand this site, sir. I was in talks with an amazing bluegrass player to see if he was interested in joining up on the site…that fell through for now, but I’m interested in working with someone…

    I think I’d be able to tackle a number of standard bluegrass fiddle tunes, but I don’t really consider myself a great bluegrass player…I’d much rather bring someone into the project who has good name recognition and a deep background in that genre.

    Do you or any other members have recommendations for folks to pursue to teach bluegrass fiddle on this site?

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      Hi, Casey. Completely understand you wanting someone emersed in the genre to teach, the passion that comes through with players like that is always very inspiring, it would also be inkeeping with the website so far and the superb quality of the lessons you’ve already produced. Having said that, I can’t imagine anyone would object to you teaching some bluegrass tracks. I personally think you wouldn’t just tackle the tunes, but knock ’em flat on their backs!

      As for recommendations for bluegrass fiddlers, I’m probably not the best person to ask as I’m just starting out in the genre. Look forward to seeing what you put together in the future though.

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    Hi, Casey: I’m new to the site and am enjoying your videos. I don’t know if she’s available or interested in teaching bluegrass fiddle on the site, but I’d recommend Annie Staninec. Her website is: She’s a phenomenal bluegrass fiddler and plays with the Kathy Kallick Band, among other groups.

    Donna (aka: Fiddleraven)

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      Casey Willis

      Awesome, Donna.

      Bluegrass is a no-brainer add for the site 👍🏻

      I’ll take a look at her site as I’ve not heard of her…it will likely be 2019 before I add a new instructor, but we’re lookin forward around here so thx for the suggestion!

      Cheers, and thanks for joining the site!


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