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      Rob Stevenson

      In some of Hanneke’s videos — especially ‘Back of the Change House’ — Hanneke does this bow dropping or ‘crashing’ and naturally, it looks controlled and purposeful but I’m getting a lot of bouncing and it’s pretty much out of control. When I come down with the bow on the string next to the frog, it’s much better, but she is sometimes dropping in the middle of the bow. So my question is the bow tightened a lot or relatively loose in order for this to work well?



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      Casey Willis

      Hi there Rob. Good question. Hanneke’s bow is medium to tight. I play with a really loose bow, while I would say Hanneke’s is medium/tight tension…hers is in-between mine and true classical. Does that help? It’s really all about the wrist…Hope that helps!

      Good question. I’m in awe of her technique, btw!

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