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      I’ve been putting together kind of a list, as I try to remember songs.
      I think I have 7 or so pretty solid contest rounds.

      But since I am a non-conformist jerk.. I wanted to put together a set thats a little outside the box.
      Or maybe at least to the side of the box. Just not smack dab in the middle of the box.

      I picked a couple of songs, haven’t been to a contest in 20 years so I am just going to assume they aren’t being played. Or at the very least aren’t commonly seen under the mic.

      I’m having trouble finding a break-reel-hoedown of some sort to compliment them, and was hoping someone with a larger library might have some suggestions.

      Here’s what I have thusfar:

      Gypsy Waltz (pretty sure I’ve heard that done many times.. I just really love miserable haunting waltzes)

      Bazurka by Calvin Vollrath.

      I thought about trying one of Kevin or Hanneke’s songs. I think they might be a bit too authentic though. I dunno.


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      Roland White

      Hi WS, I think being outside of the box works up to a point as long as you do the tune style the contest requires. The larger Western Contests are different than the Oldtime Contests in the South and SW. So be sure and read the rules of each contest to see what tune forms are allowed. Most contest fiddle is based on dance music and playing a Hoedown,Waltz and a tune of choice that is not a Hoedown or Waltz, this includes Two Steps, Jigs, Rags, Blues, Original tunes if within a dance meter. Some of the contests in the S and SW just allow two tunes and want Oldtime
      style, not contest or western style like Weiser. Like all travelers get to know the lay of the land with them so you know how to have the most fun participating . For tune titles I think the National Oldtime Fiddle Contest on their site publish the tunes played each year in the order of popularity, you might check it out for some tune ideas, Best Roland

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      I don’t plan on going to Weiser anytime soon.
      Mostly just smaller satellite contests, maybe state. That’s a big maybe.

      I’m not planning on going to weird.. but you know. Sometimes you gotta fight the power 😉

      Also, winning isn’t really on my bucket list. The sooner I get cut, the sooner I can jam and drink beer 😀

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      Roland White

      I’m with you there, contests are the best excuse to get together with your music folks and do some good old picking.
      For me contests are to have fun and play my best. There are a lot of contests in the SW during the winter months but I haven’t been to any of those. Have fun its a great experience. Best Roland

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      To be honest I don’t know much about what the SW has to offer..
      Most of my experience has been around Idaho, Montana etc. I don’t really know any accompanists down here, so that would be an issue. I’d probably like to go there just to listen and check them out maybe.

      Probably not going to do anything until I move back north, and I think most of their stuff is in the summer. So that would put me into next year. Hopefully plenty of time to get my ducks in a row so I at least don’t *totally* embarrass myself 🙂

      That being said.. I think I found a song that might compliment that round.
      I’m probably going to try Old Straw Bonnet.
      While not obscure or totally unusual, it’s kinda got an interesting sound. Might be a good mix with those other two.

      See, I’m not a *total* non-conformist after all.

      If you know of any good contests or festivals within driving distance, I’d be interested. I thought there was supposed to be something or other in or around Phoenix. Unfortunately I’m pretty tied up this summer up until September or so. Maybe next year… unless something happens in the dead center of winter like you mentioned.

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      Good Morning guys from SoCal. WS and Roland…do you know about this:

      This should have you taking your fiddle out and rosining the old bow….have fun!! : >)
      WS…I will get back to you regarding our conversation on another thread…been busying teaching kids…: >)
      Have a great day to both of you.
      Diane in SOCal.

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