Bowing – Irish Fiddle Technique Lesson

Kevin Burke walks us through his bowing Irish fiddle technique lesson. Watch and play along with this master fiddler as he discusses common Irish bowing techniques, some bowing patterns he has developed himself, double stops, and much more.

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  1. Great lesson, I was struggling with the bowings in your song lessons. This explanation is really helping.

  2. Thanks Mr Burke!
    I feel I am one step closer in to figuring out reels because of how you explained how all the notes work together and what to not emphasize

  3. Thank you, I have a much better understanding that I’m sure will in my bowing.

  4. Thank you, a very helpful lesson & one that I will visit many times.

  5. Hi Leoquin, Thanks for the feedback which we will forward to Kevin for you. Its great to hear you are getting some good tips and will revisit the lesson to pick up more. Thanks for posting. Roland

  6. This video alone is worth the month’s cost! So far, I’ve been able to apply this bowing pattern to Mountain Road, Gravel Walk, and Jenny’s Chickens, and I know there are many others. I wish Kevin Burke would record more of these technique lessons—very helpful!!

  7. Thank you for this lesson, Mr. Burke. It really is like patting your head and rubbing your stomach!

  8. Mr, Burke, so very helpful! Now, applying it to the tunes you have not included in the lesson series is the next big challenge!!! Susan

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