Bella’s Waltz


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Bella’s Waltz is a beginner-level tune composed by Fiddlevideo instructor, Casey Willis, for his niece Isabella. The tune is played out of A minor and provides several opportunities to insert triplets, swells and double stop licks. Casey breaks down basic and advanced versions of the tune in this lesson module.

Download Performance TrackClick HERE to download the performance audio MP3 file to your computer. Once you transfer the file to your mobile device, you can hear the tune whenever you wish! Listening to the audio performance is a great way to prepare to learn this tune…

Sheet Music for the Basic Melody:

Sheet Music
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  1. Casey,
    That is a beautiful piece of music composition! Could easily be adapted as a theme song for a dramatic motion picture.
    Very emotional song captured by your playing. I can hear this being played by an entire orchestra.
    Your niece should be proud.

  2. Thanks Kenny, Casey is a master not only playing but writing tunes as well. He will be glad to hear your kind words.
    Thanks for chiming in on the form we love hearing from you. Best Regards, Roland Forum Moderator

  3. Thank you Roland.

    How do I add a photo to go along with my name on the forum?

  4. Beautiful, beautiful song!

  5. Thanks for all the great feedback, folks!!


  6. Beautiful! It gives me Godfather vibes.

  7. I’m entranced by the beauty of Bella’s Waltz as it touches my heart. I’m determined to learn it even though I don’t read music. I play by listening along the lines of the Suzuki method. The way Fiddlevideo is set up, is perfect for someone like me. Thanks

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