The Coolin (Air)

The Coolin is one of the most commonly played slow airs in the Trad Irish repertoire. This D-key melody dates back several centuries, and you can see why - it is hauntingly simple, yet memorable. Many versions of this tune exist, so feel free to incorporate variations beyond what Niall Murphy provides in this lesson.

Another idea to keep in mind as you learn and play this tune is that the notes provided in the sheet music are metered. When you play the tune, however, there should be no meter or rhythm found in the notes you play. Play with feeling, and play without a sense of time.

Buckle in...Niall Murphy walks us through his basic and advanced versions of the melody in this lesson.

Feel free to check out the Irish Fiddling Technique Tutorials as you work on this tune.

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Basic Melody tutorialAdvanced Melody Tutorial

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