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      Hello! I’ve viewed all of Hanneke’s Scottish videos, and I am confused about how to determine the appropriate tempo for any given Strathspey in the absence of an available recording? I listen to her performances of the Strathspey genre and the musical character and tempo of each seems somewhat unique. I’d like to determine if that is because she learned each that way from a master fiddler, or if that was something she came to herself based on how she interpreted it musically and how it spoke to her. I’ve tried many Strathspeys now and find that I personally enjoy certain ones faster or slower than others, but I don’t know if I should be concerned about offending any type of tradition in that regard? I appreciate any advice so I can be confident I am not butchering anything too much. Best, Laura

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      Hanneke Cassel

      Hi Laura! You’re right… strathspeys can be played a lots of different tempos. If I’m playing a strathspey for a Cape Breton step dance, I play the tune on the faster side. For Scottish country dancing, strathspeys are played slower. I often perform them at a tempo somewhere between these two styles! Overall, I play my Cape Breton strathpeys faster and more percussively and I play the Scottish dance strathspeys a little more LYRICALLY… and on the slower side.

      Hope that helps. Happy Fiddling!

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