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    what’s a good tune to go with Silver Spear ?

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    Miss Mcleods is often put after the Silver Spear and works well.

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    Liz Carroll plays the Earl’s Chair after Silver Spear. (Lost in the Loop.) I started doing that, too. It’s a good match, going from D to Bm.

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    Roland White

    Hey Deviancy, Carcon & Grassapell,

    Those are great tips for some medleys, thanks for posting. Another idea we used to use in Contra Dance Bands was to move through a couple of keys. i.e. a tune in D or G, then to A, or any other combination of keys that give the music a lift. The dancers and audience really liked the dynamic of a key change in a medley and we would usually use 2-4 tunes per set.

    In the meantime keep on fiddling! //;-) All the best, Roland

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    Thank you very much

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