About Fiddlevideo – Online Fiddle Lessons

Fiddlevideo.com is an online fiddle lesson website, designed to help you take your playing to the next level. Each lesson module has been recorded using High Definition (HD) cameras and studio-quality audio. Our picture-in-picture approach gives you up-close insight into the subtle techniques that take an ordinary performance and make it superb. Lessons have been recorded using a consistent methodology so you can be guaranteed that each tutorial will be as professionally produced as the next.

Fiddlevideo currently offers over 300 full tune lesson modules from 6 instructors. We continue to produce new material as instructors record new lessons. Each lesson module consists of the following components:

  • Performance Video
  • Basic Melody Tutorial
  • Advanced Melody Tutorial
  • MP3 Audio File download for each performance
  • Sheet Music
  • Video Speed Controls
  • A/B Video Looping Controls
  • Guitar Backup Track (N/A for Trad Irish)

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We feel that there is no substitution for in-person lessons and intend this site to be a supplement to learning from a qualified teacher. Here at FIDDLEVIDEO, we support all other fiddle instruction sites and fiddling forums. We feel that the more resources the fiddling community has to learn from, the better!!

Feel free to check out our FREE FULL LESSONS to learn more about the features offered to full subscribers. If you think this site is for you, we encourage you to:

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