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      Casey Willis

      Howdy, Fiddlevideo subscribers.

      I’ve just confirmed with Kevin Burke that he’ll be returning for his 7th recording session for this project in late August/early September. I’ve pulled together a list of requests folks have recently made in this forum and in email for his next session….below is the list. And below that is the listing of tunes he has already recorded for this project, some of which have yet to be produced. Feel free to comment to add tunes to this request list…Kevin may choose to record a tune you ask for. Cheers, and all the best!!!

      2020 Request List To-Date:
      The Brosna Slide
      Stella’s waltz
      Mary young and fair
      Tam Lin
      Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
      Lord Mayo
      The Wild Geese (slow air)
      Limerick’s Lamentation
      The Wise Maid
      Winnie Hayes
      The Battering Ram
      New Mown Meadow
      Hardiman the Fiddler
      The Congress Reel
      The Bucks of Oranmore
      The Kerry Dance
      Amhrán na Leabhar (slow air)
      Port na bPúcaí
      An Buachaillín Bán
      Táimse i Mo Chodladh
      Bean Dubh an Ghleanna
      Ag Taisteal Na Blárnan
      Bruach na Carraige Bainne
      Easter Snow
      An Buachaill Caol Dubh
      The Lament for Staker Wallace
      The Wounded Huzzar
      Cape Clear
      The Jolly Tinker
      The Crickets March Over the Saltbox
      Finnish polka
      An Luradan
      Dusty Windowsills
      Top of Cork Road
      Haste to the Wedding
      The Monaghan jig
      Dowd’s Favourite

      Tunes Kevin has already recorded for (some still in production):
      The Kesh Jig
      The Boys of Bluehill
      The Promenade (Slip Jig)
      Farewell to Erin
      Out on the Ocean
      Julia Delaney
      The Banshee
      The Silver Spear
      Paddy Fahey’s Jig
      The Cliffs of Moher
      Cooley’s Reel
      The Mountain Road
      Across the Black River
      The Mouth of the Tobique
      Rolls and Gracenotes
      The Kid on the Mountain
      The Butterfly (Slip Jig)
      The Orphan (Jig)
      The Beare Island Reel
      The Earl’s Chair
      The Hunter’s Purse
      Lucy’s Fling
      The Morning Dew
      The Split Rock
      The Gatehouse Maid
      Down The Broom
      The Rolling Waves Jig
      The Dionne Reel
      Morrison’s Jig
      Toss the Feathers (Em)
      Toss the Feathers (D)
      Toss the Feathers (Dm)
      Maudabawn Chapel
      Soggy’s Slip Jig
      Lafferty’s Reel
      The Long Acre
      The Tailor’s Twist (Hornpipe)
      Tuttle’s Reel
      The Bunch of Green Rushes (reel)
      The Maids of Mitchelstown (reel)
      Jenny’s Chickens (reel)
      Bonnie Kate (reel)
      The Green Groves of Erin (reel)
      Sean Ryan’s Jig – The Nightingale
      Sean Ryan’s Jig – The Castle
      Martin Wynne’s No. 1 (reel)
      Miss McLeod’s Reel (key of A)
      Martin Wynne’s No. 2 (reel)
      Miss McLeod’s Reel (key of G)
      Paddy’s Return (Jig)
      Paddy Fahey’s Reel
      George White’s Favorite (Reel)
      The Flowers of Red Hill (Reel)
      Some Say the Devil is Dead
      Lord Gordon’s Reel
      Micho Russell’s Slide
      Johnny O’Leary’s Slide
      Dennis Murphy’s Slide
      The Glen Cottage Polka
      The King of the Fairies
      Garrett Barry’s Jig
      The Mason’s Apron (Reel)
      The White Petticoat (Jig)
      Ride a Mile (Slip Jig)
      The Shores of Lough Gowna (Jig)
      Contentment is Wealth (Jig)
      The Star of Munster Am (Reel)
      The Star of Munster Gm (Reel)
      The Drunken Sailor (Hornpipe)
      The Galway Bay (Hornpipe)
      The Christmas Eve Reel
      The Foxhunter’s Slip Jig
      The Strayaway Child Jig
      Master Crowley’s Reel
      The Humours of Lissadell Reel
      The Boys of Ballisodare Reel
      Abbey’s Green Isle (Slide)
      Biddy Martin’s Polka
      Bill Sullivan’s Polka
      The Boys Of Ballisodare (Slip Jig)
      The Geese in the Bog (Reel)
      Saddle the Pony (Jig)
      Father Kelly’s Reel
      Garrett Barry’s Hornpipe
      Ger the Rigger Polka
      The House of Hamill Reel
      Loftus Jones
      Roll out the Barrel
      Maid behind the Bar
      Stack of Barley
      The Galway Rambler
      The Boys of Malin
      The Burnt Old Man
      Cuz Teahan’s
      Up in the Air
      John Stenson’s 1
      John Stenson’s 2
      Old Torn Petticoat
      The Boys of Ballisodare (Reel)
      The Longford Collector
      McFadden’s Reel
      Mrs. Kenny’s Waltz
      O’Carolan’s Concerto
      Palm Sunday Jig
      Paris Nights (Waltz)
      Raheen Medley 1
      Raheen Medley 2
      Raheen Medley 3
      Stan Chapman’s (Jig)
      Sweeney’s Buttermilk
      Sweeney’s Dream
      Tarbolton Reel
      The Ballidesmond Polka 1
      The Ballidesmond Polka 2 (Gneeveguilla Polka)
      The Ballidesmond Polka 3 (Tom Billy’s Polka)
      The Boys of the Lough
      The Boys of the Town
      The Broken Pledge
      The Clog (Slide)
      The Drunken Sailor
      The High Reel
      The Pipe on the Hob
      The Sailor’s Bonnet
      The Tap Room Reel

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      I would love to hear Kevin play and teach the Salamanca Reel . Thank you!

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        Casey Willis

        Sounds good, 007…added to the request list.

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      Could Kevin do the The Woman Of The House, it goes well with the Earl’s Chair which he’s already done and I love the way he plays them together on “If The Cap Fits”

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      Here are some of my favorites which seem not to be listed….(is there a chance to indicate some of Kevin’s bowing in the sheet music? His bowing gives his fiddling the special life and this would support learning the patterns he uses 🙂

      – Dinney Delaney
      – The Yellow Wattle
      – Caislean na nOr
      – Bobby Casey’s Hornpipe
      – The Sligo Maid
      – The three Ballydesmond Polkas (as he plays them on the Sligo Made CD)

      Anyways – many thanks! The opportunity to learn from Kevin is such a special gift and much appreciated!

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      I second Dinney Delaney and yellow wattle, and those polkas!

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      Casey Willis

      Alright, I’ll pass these additional requests on to Kevin…He will be in studio from Sept 3-7.

      Good news Kitegal & Jamesa…He’s alread recorded all three of The Ballydesmond Polkas (they are in the production pipeline for release soon).


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      Most awesome, thank you Casey! Jamesa – thanks for seconding those beautiful tunes, I keep my fingers crossed for those 🙂

      And – in case that there are not enough ideas for tunes for Kevin (ha…right)….here are a few more I’d love to learn.

      up Sligo
      The jolly tinker

      Thank you!

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      Dear Willis
      Can we add some Clan Marches as well for Kevin
      we need few for our examination .
      here is basic list
      The March of the King of Laois,
      Allistrum’s March
      O’Sullivan’s March

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        Casey Willis

        Hi, Armin. I’ll add these to the list…Kevin didn’t recognize many of the tunes you have suggested he record this round but he might know one (or more) of those.

        All the best!


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      Thanks But really any Irish slow air and Clan Marches would do, we need few of these so we have full Irish Fiddle tutorial on one sit.
      Just ask Kevin to pick few he likes . Thank you armin and sara

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      How exciting! Big thanks to Kevin and to you, Casey, for making it happen.

      From the tunes currently on the request list, I would add these requests, in order of preference:

      -The Graf Spee
      -Laington’s Reel
      -The Culfodda
      -Tom Morrison’s
      -The Longford Tinker
      -Anna Maculeen
      -Love at the Endings
      -Killanan’s Fancy
      -The Green Fields of Woodford

      And I would second:

      -The Wise Maid
      -The Bucks of Oranmore
      -Salamanca Reel
      -Woman of the House

      Very excited to see the already recorded tunes in production, Casey! Especially Sailor’s Bonnet, Cuz Teahan’s, both Stenson reels, and Boys of the Lough.

      Thanks, N

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        Casey Willis

        Hi, N.

        Thanks for the additional suggestions. Kevin picked a couple and will record them today.

        I’ll post the full listing of tunes he recorded in this thread once we wrap up the session.



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      I’ll take anything that Kevin can give me. The new list looks great, but I wonder has he a version of the reel Sean Sa Cheo?



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      Casey Willis

      Alright, folks. We wrapped Kevin Burke’s latest recording session this afternoon. Below are the lessons he just recorded which will appear on this website over time as our production team works through this list. Thanks again for the suggestions…Kevin did end up choosing to record several of the tunes requested by you guys.

      • Stella’s Waltz
      • The Battering Ram (Jig)
      • The Congress Reel
      • The Bucks of Oranmore (Reel)
      • The Jolly Tinker (Reel)
      • Finnish Polka
      • Haste to the Wedding (Jig)
      • Dowd’s Favourite (Reel)
      • The Wise Maid (Reel)
      • Lord Mayo (Air/Slow March)
      • Maids of Mount Kisco (Reel)
      • The Salamanca Reel
      • Humours of Glendart (Jig)
      • Luck Penny (Jig)
      • Coppers and Brass (Jig)
      • Captain Rock (Reel)
      • Heathery Breeze (Reel)
      • Jackie Coleman’s Reel
      • Home Ruler (Hornpipe)
      • Kitty’s Wedding (Hornpipe)
      • Fred Finn’s Reel
      • Sailor on the Rock (Reel)
      • Lady Anne Montgomery (Reel)
      • O’Rourke’s (Reel)
      • Wild Irishman (Reel)
      • Music in the Glen (Reel)
      • Humours of Scariff (Reel)
      • The Woman of the House (Reel)
      • Dinney Delaney (Jig)
      • The Yellow Wattle (Jig)
      • Caislean na nOr (Hornpipe)
      • Bobby Casey’s Hornpipe
      • The Sligo Maid (Reel)
      • The Tolka Polka
      • Itzikel (Yiddish/Klezmer/Frailach)
      • Up Sligo (Jig)
      • Laington’s Reel
      • Cailin Deas Cruithe na mBo (Air/Lament/Balad) – I play and teach a harmony part on this one
      • Hop Down Reel

      So there you have it…39 new Kevin Burke lessons to look forward to as subscribers to…We’ll be hard at work getting these lessons out there as they are produced…all the best, and thanks again for the input!!


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      Great well done
      armin and sara

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      That is a an awesome long list of new tunes, some of which I really love! Thank you Kevin and Casey and team!

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      Looking forward to seeing the new videos!

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      Do you have an estimate when you’ll post the next batch? The anticipation is intense!

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        Casey Willis

        Hey MC.

        These will be released one at a time. Our production team continues to churn out videos from the last few recording sessions, and Kevin continues to review the lessons after they’ve been produced. I believe Kevin has 6 or so lessons to review in his queue right now, so stay tuned for those.

        Is there a specific tune you would like bumped up the list? I’d be happy to prioritize any of the unpublished lessons…just let me know which ones you’d like bumped up the list.


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      The Salamanca!!!

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        Casey Willis

        Sounds good. Bumped up to next in the production queue.

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        Casey Willis

        Salamanca is now in Kevin’s review queue. Should be approved/published soon.

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      Thank you sir!

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      Barbara Barty

      Hi Casey 🙂

      I would love to learn a songs: The Hut on Stuffin Island, I am Not Fed Up With The Pacific Ocean (Irish), Colum’s Road, The Smith’s a Gallant Fireman, Donald Blue, ‘S ima Rud a Chunna Mi (Scottish) , Bonapartes Retreat and Midnight On The Water. I would be happy if you will decide put them in to the queue 🙂

      Thank you
      Best regards

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        Casey Willis

        Hi, Barbara. No problem. Consider them added to the request list! I’ll pitch them to Kevin & other instructors.


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