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      It’s sad how much of life has gone “online”, and I’m hoping it will change soon!!

      Anyway I was thinking that, after learning a tune, it could be fun to practice it full-tempo with a guitar backing track or something (in the absence of being able to share with live humans, sigh).

      Just throwing the thought out there.

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      Louis Blackwell

      I’ve been playing along with the guitar track provided in the lesson on Ook Pik waltz and I find it is helpful for me…but I’d love to be able to change the speed of the backing track; I’m new and haven’t learned how I might do that;

      For me, it would be helpful to be able to download the existing backing track as an mp3 — could that be arranged? If I had the guitar only I could use the track in other software (amazing slowdowner) to allow me to set the speed as I find it useful

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      Mary McKeough

      Yes, I also would love to download the guitar track to my ASD and play at different speeds. Thanks!

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      Casey Willis

      Hi, folks. We’ll continue to look at better ways to serve up the backing tracks. Our tech team has taken a look at variable speed audio file web code, and it still seems a little lacking. The long term solution may be to convert all of the backing tracks into download links…but that will take some doing given the number of lessons we currently offer.

      Thistle13 – are you wondering about backing tracks for Kevin & Niall’s lessons? The rest of the lessons have backing tracks, but Kevin and Niall felt that the trad Irish tunes were best served cold.

      Louis/Mary, you can email with a couple of tunes you’d like backing tracks for…They might be able to get them to you.

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      Thanks Casey!
      I did not know there were already backing tracks around!

      So far, have only learned one tune (Kevin Burke), and thought it would be nice to try it with a guitar backing track?

      But if the trad way is solo fiddle, then I can live with that…:-)

Viewing 4 reply threads
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